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join us for the Finals
Saturday, May 19th, 3pm
DNA Lounge

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 19th 3:00pm and join us for the Finals at the DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh Street.

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Mr January
Scot Hammond

Mr February
Eric Press

Mr March
Jeffrey Hodges

Mr April

Mr June
Cido Galvan

Mr July
Dirk Nettles

Mr August
Wayne Rash

Mr September
Chris Rice

Mr October
Ben Perez

Mr November
Manny Ojeda

Mr December
Jawn Marques


2018 Calendar Dedication:
Grant PetersEn

With the 2018 Edition we are celebrating our 400th Calendar Man. As I reflect on that legacy I recall many of the stories I have heard from men as to why they choose to compete for the Calendar. These stories often include the influence of a member of our Brotherhood—I would like to share mine.

As a regular of the Powerhouse for many years, I knew of the Calendar and thought I would participate someday. My time came after I tested HIV positive and became a client of PRC. But the selection process had changed by then and I found myself unsure about competing in a big finals contest. So I went to check it out one Thursday night. As I stood by the DJ booth, I began chatting with the then current Mr. January 2008, Grant Petersen. He was very sweet and encouraged me to go for it and said I would get more in return than I could imagine. We didn’t chat long, but his kind words and genuine warmth were all I needed to get off the fence and do it. All who knew Grant knew one of the gentlest of souls.

Grant held an MFA in Asian Art and was a docent at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum. He was listed as one of the 20 longest surviving men living with HIV at the time of his death in 2015. Always a tireless supporter of many organizations, he nevertheless held the Calendar in a special place in his heart. He would refer to his role as a Calendar Man as a “goodwill ambassador for HIV.” Even before he appeared in the Calendar, he encouraged many men to get involved, including his partner who appeared in the 2007 edition. The two of them then appeared together in the 2008 edition. I know I am not alone in my gratitude to Grant for his encouragement and support. And so on this, the 10th anniversary of his appearance as Mr. January, it is with great joy we dedicate the 2018 Edition of the Bare Chest Calendar to Grant Petersen.

Thank you, Grant, for enriching our Brotherhood.

Will Victoria
Managing Director

Our Event Photographers

Tim Wong

The BCC was fortunate to encounter Tim in 1990 at the contests held at the original Eagle. He began to photograph the BCC men from 1991 through 2005. He shot images for the calendar in '95, '96, '97, '99, and returned for the 2014 30th Edition. His collection of contest and event images from the early years of the calendar is unparalleled. He is known to many around the calendar and throughout the leather community as the Wizard, for his unfailing commitment and attention to detail. To this day he can be seen at many BCC events capturing the men at their finest moments.

Bill Weaver

If you have been to any gay event or street fair in the last 30 years, or a BCC event in the last 20 years odds are you've seen Bill and his ever present camera. He has probably asked to take your picture, and then come back months or years later with prints for you. He as also had photos in the BAR, Bay Time, and more. He shot images for the calendar in '96, '97, '99, and returned for the 2014 30th Edition. After several hundreds of thousands of images taken, he was dubbed "Saint Snaps of the Seductive Shutter" by the Sister of Perpetual indulgence. Visit Bill on Facebook!

Rich Stadtmiller

Rich Stadtmiller is the force behind In late 1994, Rich put aside 30 years in software development to work full time to record a slice of the Bay Area GLBTQ community. Rich has been a member of SF Defenders (leather spirituality group) since 1992 and is a member of Mama's Leather Family.

Rich also organized and financially backed the Hayward Pride Street Festival in 2005 and 2006 and was a major supporter of Leather Levi Weekend from 2001-2005.




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Background photos by James Scott Geras, Rick Gerharter, Joe Mazza, Michael Smith, Dennis Tyler, Steven Underhill, Bill Weaver, Tim Wong